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The confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. If within three working days you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please contact us by phone +375 (17) 226-71-50 or by e-mail Zakaz@alphatour. by. Prepayment guarantees your reservation. You can cancel your order up to three days before your tour starting date, informing us on the above contacts.
For a refund you must fill in a special form (download form in Microsoft Word format) and send it to:
"Alpha - Tour", 220004, Belarus, Minsk, POBEDITELEY av., 23 /1, office 115A. After receiving the letter, money is transferred back to the card by which the payment was made. Refund will be done after deducting incurred expenses (visa fee, hotel's cancellation fees, the penalty for a ticket return). Funds paid for services of tour selection, route development, or preparation of documents for visa are not refundable.

We would like to inform you that in some cases the micropayment procedure will be applied. Micropayment procedure is an additional protection from fraud. It is particularly important when the country of the service and the paying country are different. After entering the card's details on the webpay payment page, the random amount of from 1 to 4 USD is blocked. Later it is automatically unlocked and becomes available for the payer. Payer can know about the size of a micropayment blocked amount in the bank where the card was issued, by telephone, online banking or by sms from the bank. After at the special payment webpay page payer enters either the micropayment amount or authorization code. If the entry is correct, further payment for goods and services is allowed. This procedure does not apply to cardholders of the CIS and Europe (including Turkey).




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