Visa support

Visa Requirements

Visas are required to enter Belarus. Documents needed for visa: a valid passport or another documents with visas if there aren't any appropriate agreements between the Republic of Belarus and other foreign countries achieved. In order to get Belarusian visa following documents in the Belarusian Embassy or the Consulate should be presented:

In order to get a tourist visa one should get a tourist voucher - this is a document which confirms the reception on the territory of Belarus and is executed by a tourist organization, which has the License for international tourist activity. The Belarusian tourist visa price varies for the citizens of different countries and is valid up to 30 days.

Belarus transit visa gives the right to cross the country once in one particular direction and is valid for 48 hours since entrance of the Republic of Belarus. If the visa for going to 3-rd country isn't required other transit evidences are taken into account. The Belarusian entrance visa one can obtain after arrival in the country, but only in one Consulate - in the international airport "Minsk-2".

How to get Belarusian Visa

The main document which helps to obtain Belarusian visa is a tourist voucher - this is the document which proves the reservation and certain tourist services package payments before arrival in the Republic of Belarus. That's why, the first step to Belarus visit will be the tourist services reservation:

  • Hotel stay
  • Transfer
  • Transport and excursion services, etc.

In order to make a booking one should do:

  • One send a request (per a fax or e-mail) with an ask about visa support, in which the following data are given:
    • Name and surname
    • Birth date
    • Nationality
    • Passport Number
    • Date of expiry
    • Place of work, indicating title, business address and telephone number
    • Residence address with telephone number (home and cell)
    • Offered cities to visit
    • Hotel to stay in
    • Invitation Date
    • Scanned page of the passport with photo
    • Copy of e-tickets
  • One should receive a confirmation from "Alpha-Tour" Company about booked services and make payments according to a bill.
  • After payments were made "Alpha-Tour" Company makes an invitation and a tourist voucher and gives them to the Consular Office of the Republic of Belarus abroad (by fax or e-mail), directly to the client or to the Consular Office of the National Airport "Minsk- 2"  or "Minsk-1" (if the visa is made after arrival).
  • When you arrive in the National Airport "Minsk- 2"  or "Minsk-1" you should address the Consular Office where on formed documents basis you obtain a tourist visa and pay for the consular fees.

In order to receive the Belarusian entry visa in the Consulate Office of the National Airport "Minsk- 2" one should have:

  • A tourist voucher,
  • visa application from the Belarusian tourist organization,
  • 1 colour photography (3×4),
  • filled in enquiry.

The Consular office works 24 hours a day.

"Alpha-Tour" Company makes visa support for foreign citizens during 3 days on reservation and tourist services payments basis!

Cost of services for 1 person USD

Service  Person
Invitation and tourist voucher for foreign citizens for the Consular Office of Belarus abroad 70
Invitation and tourist voucher for foreign citizens for the Consular Office in the National Airport "Minsk-2" 70
Meeting in customs area of the Airport, the help in visa execution and customs clearance. 70

Additionally are paid:

  • the consulate fee in the Embassy of Belarus abroad
  • the consulate fee in the Consulate Office at the Airport "Minsk-2" or "Minsk-1"
  • post consignment expenses for document originals
  • the medical insurance at the Airport "Minsk-2" or "Minsk-1"


 The following tariffs are used to issue visas to foreign visitors at the National Airport "Minsk" and "Minsk-1":

Country Visa in the Airport

Countries with consular offices

180 euro

Countries without consular offices

90 euro

Great Britain

342 USD

Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia

180 euro

Malta, Slovenia

90 euro


150 USD

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland

75 euro


420 USD


More detailed information you can find at the Consulate Office of the Republic of Belarus abroad or address to:

Starting from September 1st, 2012 the issuance of visas at the «National Airport Minsk» to citizens of countries with Belarusian Embassies or Consulates will be canceled, except travelling as a part of official delegation or on behalf of a petition by a governmental institution of the Republic of Belarus or in connection with serious illness or death of a close relative or family member upon representation of confirming official documents.
The issuance of visas for citizens of other countries will remain. ( )

Customs Regulations

Personal things

Personal property transportation regulations through state border of the Republic of Belarus mainly coincide with world standards. Personal things (things and goods which aren't used for commercial purposes), customs value of which don’texceed the equivalent of1,500 Euros (air transport - 10,000 Euros)aren't  taxed.

The following goods and articles cannot be transferred through the customs border of the Republic of Belarus by natural persons without a special permission:

  • Fire-arms and ammunition of any kind of military patterns, military equipment.
  • Narcotics, psychotropic, toxic, poisonous, virulent substances, explosives and nuclear materials.
  • Printed or audio-visual materials deemed injurious to the Republic of Belarus, to its State security or to the health and morality of the people.
  • Other goods and articles banned by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

To bring a pet to Belarus the Certification of Veterinarian's Examination Statement confirmed by a local veterinary office is required.

A person can import for free only 35 kg of luggage with the estimated cost of its contents not exceeding 1500 euro (or 80 kg and €1200 for indivisible items). This may include up to 5 kg of foodstuffs (for the CIS residents - up to 30 kg during June-October).

A 30 per cent due is levied for extra luggage, but not less than €2 per 1 kg. For luggage exceeding 250 kg or €10000 the dues make up 60 per cent, but not less than €4 per 1 kg.

Within these limits you can bring with you for free:

  • 2 liter of liquors (for persons over 7)
  • 200 cigarettes, or 200 grams of tobacco (for persons over 18)
  • 5 jewelry items
  • 3 items made from natural furs or leather
  • 1 watch
  • 4 tires

If you take with you more than that you would be asked to pay the dues in amount of 60 per cent but not less than €4 per kilo (the same regulation applies if you fail to declare such items). For every extra liter of liquors be prepared to pay €20 in dues.

You can bring with you your clothes, laptop, camera, player or other portable devices for your own personal use without restrictions on their cost or weight for free as long as these items are not new (used) and you are not a resident of Belarus. This is stipulated in the Decree of the President of Belarus No.259 dated May 27, 2004, article 10.6 and Annex 2.

One odd thing: when leaving Belarus with a laptop, CDs, DVDs, diskettes or audio-/video-tapes technically you should present them for inspection up to one week before you travel (in case you have there something threatening the national security of Belarus). This regulation, fortunately, is not strictly enforced.

Generally, you can import or export any amount of money through the Belarusian border. All the difference is in the amount you are carrying. This simple table will help you understand if you need to declare your money or obtain a special permit.

When you have till 10000$ you can orally declare. Usually in such cases the customs representative asks what sum of money do you take with. The answer on this question is called "Oral declaration".

When you have more than 10000$ permission is required only for money export. The permission one should obtain in Belarusian banks where you buy or draw currency. The filled up declaration where the sum of money is pointed is the permission for the same sum of money export. To follow this rules is highly recommended.

Medical Insurance

All the foreigners, staying in Belarus, need medical insurance!

An insurance document has the phone numbers to be called in case of necessity. The Belarusian Government has accredit ed 2 Insurance Companies to provide the obligatory medical insurance for foreign citizens. They are: "Beleksimgarant" and "Belgosstrah". The Insurance Policies of those companies are valid and obligatory on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

All checkpoint s on borders of Belarus and also airports and railway stations have Belarusian state Insurance organizations departments where a foreign tourist can form the Medical Insurance Policy.

Staying on the territory of Republic of Belarus

The foreigners, who enter the Republic of Belarus, should follow the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, which regulates matters of staying on the territory.

The requirements are as follows:

Migration card - filled in upon arrival in Belarus and is shown during arrival and departure. There some notes about border crossing are made.

Registration - the foreign tourists, staying in hotels, are registrated automatically and registration is a part of hotel price. Foreigners, who came with a guest or business visa and stay in private flats, should register in Regional Department of Internal affairs during 5 days. This registration is made according to foreign citizen’s application or host side application. Registration price is $4, 5 (single payment) +$1, 5 for every day. The foreign citizens who arrive for less than 3 days and also for holiday of weekends don’t need the registration!

Obligatory Insurance - (see the execution order below)

Means - the sum, the foreign citizens need for expenses coverage during in Belarus stay (from 14 USD per day).

Tour guide and interpreter services:

The price for 1 hour, USD


Price per hour

Russian, Belarusian


English, French, German, Polish


Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Japanese, etc.



Price for a group, USD:

People quantity

Railway station - hotel

Airport - hotel

1-3 (passenger car)



4-13 (minibus)



14-26 (small tourist bus or 2 minibuses)



27-50 (a big tourist bus)



If other destinations transfers are required it'll be provided according to additional enquiry.

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