Hunting and Fishing

There are excellent conditions for those who wants hunting or fishing in Belarus. Hunting areas occupy about 18 million hectares of Republic territory. There are more than 20 kinds of hunting animals and about 30 kinds of birds.

Set dates to hunt are:

  • An elk and a noble deer - from September, 1st till November, 30th
  • A roe - from May, 15th till November, 30th
  • A wild boar - from May, 15th till January, 15th
  • A beaver and an otter - from October, 1st till December, 31st
  • A hare, a raccoon dog, the fox, a marten, С…РѕСЂСЊ , an ermine, caress, fiber, a mink, the muskrat - since the first Saturday of October till the third Sunday of January
  • A wood-grouse - from March, 20th till May, 10th
  • A blackcock - from March, 20th till May, 10 th, and since the first Saturday of August till last Sunday in October
  • A natatorium and moorfowl – from the first Saturday in August to the last Sunday in November.

Note, that during these terms various ways of hunting are applied. The right of hunting in Belarus is given to foreign citizens according to their hunting documents given in their country.

We arrange:

  • Visa support;

  • official ammunition and weapon transportation papers registration (it is necessary to remember, hunting with fire-arms and military ammunition, pneumatic weapon, small-caliber rifles, pistols use is forbidden);

  • A meeting at the airport;
  • Transfer to destination and back;
  • guide services;
  • Hunting license;
  • Hunting organization: meeting with highly skilled huntsmen, granting transport;
  • hunting place preparation;
  • Trophies for transportation preparation and preparation;
  • Official registration of papers on export of the extracted trophies;
  • a comfortable hotel or a hunting lodge;
  • The Belarusian Cuisine with traditional dishes or according to order (including game);
  • skiing, skating, horse riding, etc.);
  • parking place;
  • a sauna;
  • the interesting excursion program.

Fishing - one of the most ancient crafts of mankind. Earlier it was necessary for a survival, nowadays it is silent and quiet rest in solitude with nature. In Belarus, in «the Country of Blue Lakes» - there are all conditions for fishing. You can fish in one of the cleanest areas of the country - on lakes Prolobno and Sin’sha. A catfish, a pike perch, a pike, the perch, bream, grig, red-eye, small fry, white bream, a ruff, chub and asp here are found. Any fisherman can satisfy here the fishing "famine".

There is a set of picturesque islands on reservoirs. Lakes coasts are firm, woody and pine forests and birch woods prevail. Water in reservoirs is crystal-clear; therefore these places are ideal for spear fishing. Average lakes depth - 5 7 m. There are fishers’ boats, fishing tackles, and diving equipment.

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