Agro villages

In spite of the fact that Belarus is a country in Europe where there are no sea or mountains, but it has significant development opportunities of farm tourism. Nowadays the world turns from mass tourism to more individual and more cognitive travel. Three S - sun, sea, and sand are replaced by three L - landscape, lore, leisure. There is much to offer - lyrical, often pastoral landscapes, unique national parks, traditional crafts, ecologically clean products and, the main thing, hospitality and generosity of Byelorussians.In Belarus dominate two basic colors: green and blue. Green means wood and blue – clean lakes, rivers. There are about 20 thousand rivers and 10 thousand lakes in Belarus. They have primeval beauty and charm. Soft splash of water and rustle of trees create perfect conditions for rest in harmony with nature. Woods of Belarus are very picturesque. It is covered about 36 % of territory with wood. Wood amazes people who arrived to Belarus for the first time.

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